Cactus seedlings

How to Cactus seedlings

Furthermore cuttings and grafting cacti can be multiplied by seed. The advantage of seeding is to diversify its collection of cactus planting different species. However, this method remains difficult because these plants are slow growing and are susceptible to rot at the time of germination.

The easiest way is to buy the seeds in the store, since it is not easy to get a bloom (essential step to obtain seeds) on our own plants. Sowing is ideally spring. More seeds are cooler; the germination rate will be high. You can use a clay pot previously sterilized (eg. With boiling water). The substrate must also be sterile. It may consist of one third of soil for potted plants and two-thirds sand. It must soak the substrate with water before sowing the seeds. They are then deposited on the surface, very uniformly, and then covers them with a thin layer of sand (thickness equivalent to the diameter of the seed).

Then set the pot in a bag (or dome) closed plastic that is placed near a sunny window. Plastic is removed as soon as the seedlings appear. It then keeps the soil moist but not too much water, because the seedlings are susceptible to rot. When the plants have reached 2 to 3 cm in height, roughly a year later, they are repotted in individual pots.

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