Preparing for winter fishing

winter fishing
Any and all anglers, and experienced “master” of the business, and as a young “apprentice”, have long been known a simple truth - any fishing begins with the preparation at home! And so what we talk about winter fishing hunting!

In winter, the cost of error in selecting equipment and tackle, may be even higher, because at stake is not only the reputation of "fisherman-getter", but also health, and more than that, and often life itself. Those lucky ones who can afford to get to the very spot of fishing on the private car - of course take home with them and the stock gear and a change of warm clothes in case of abrupt cooling or vice versa - unexpected "font." But those many followers fishing tribe, which did not send destiny and income, powerful SUV, special care must relate to the domestic duties, on the eve of fishing.

Almost all are more or less experienced winter anglers have their own system of signs, the expected weather. Bitter experience; no longer believe sounding forecasts on television. Unfortunately our weather forecasters, all forecasters - weatherman! And therefore should be reserved in the following range of equipment :

Waterproof coat for winter fishing

Useful to keep warm and save you from not rare, in our uncertain times, the winter rains.

Waterproof shoes for winter fishing

It is important to remember that leaving the city in the country, to do "amendment to the wind." Because the temperature in the city, as usual, a few degrees warmer than in the suburbs. The city itself is a source of radiant heat. Lots of people and technical objects, excessive heat, shall amend the urban climate.

Outside the city, on the contrary - all subject to natural rhythms. And the error in temperature can reach up to five degrees! This essentially agrees! On this waterproof shoes will save you from lurking in winter nature thawed and puddles.

Thermal underwear for winter fishing

It does not just happen to get to the fishing grounds in the winter! One route that you were doing in the summer is easy, it can be said to "one go", the winter will require you skill and endurance. Where that tree fell, unable to withstand the onslaught of snow. Where that has swept up the road and has to go up to his waist in snow. And in some places and at all there are not any roads - one "direction." And in such circumstances, increased physical activity, it is very easy to sweat. Trekking, ice fishing is usually alternate, with long-term presence in one place. Which increases the chance to start to sweat and then too cold. And this is not cool, dangerous test for any good and not very body! Therefore, base layer, will protect you from such problems. In addition, before the long trekking, clear the upper part of the clothing, and came to a place to put it again. This is not a clever trick will help you avoid unnecessary overheating and overcooling.

A thermos of hot drink for winter fishing

Tea or coffee, and the best herbal infusion, homemade help you relax and enjoy the winter scenery. Don’t drink alcohol because can weak your body! Take care of your health, and it still is useful!

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