Hunting with a bow block

Hunting with a bow
Hunting with a gun of course is modern and in a certain kind of interesting, but bow hunting is much more interesting. That's about it today and will be my story. A long time ago, there were no rifles, no shotguns, and then our ancestors hunted with such a fine weapon like a bow. The bow was very primitive, string made of what or animal, and a stick. They were neither easy to fire, nor even about the accuracy and no speech.

Now, technology has reached such a wonderful invention as block onions. Let's see what it consists of. Modern bows have become much easier. Light metal alloys made bow is much more comfortable and allow for a string pulling force, to achieve higher power. Arrows are stronger and lighter. Compound bow technology was patented in 1969 Holless Wilbur Allen. The second title compound bow is a compound.

The design of the bow has two eccentrics. Eccentrics - a mechanism locks the strings at a time when it is most strained. And many fans of hunting this is valued in block onions. Compound bows device consists of a handle with a focus for the brush pockets to the shoulders, upper arms themselves (lower and upper), blocks (clowns), strings, ropes, sight with front sight, stabilizer, and shelves. Well like a bow, we understood. Now on to the most interesting and long-awaited - is to hunt. But never in a hurry. Please be sure to go to the lessons of archery. The Master will explain how and what to do. This will reduce your time a lot of training, and will protect against possible injury.

It is necessary to remember that this stretch pushups because the 50-60-pound bow just under the force of every. And when you have been instructed in archery, and gathered all the necessary papers for hunting. You can go on a journey. You probably think that it is impossible to approach the animal at a distance for a shot, but experienced hunters lure place three days before the proposed hunt. Then climb the tree set there a special device called tree-stand. Its allow you to stay on the tree without any problems. Hunting with bows is very interesting to do, and I suggest going from rough and loud guns on a quiet and beautiful bow.

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