Selecting the method of fishing tackle

Among fishermen professionals and amateurs of the most common kinds of relationships to fishing gear. Some with obvious caution and even disdain for the current selection is not cheap gear. Others reach the other extreme - they just need reasons to get a good tackle, and a good catch you will certainly assured.

But this is in fact the two extremes, and the truth, and indeed always, is somewhere in between. In any event, sport fishing techniques (some of which will be described below) are not possible without a suitable, reliable gear. Although in recent years more and practiced fishing of salmon simple hand line, then, with the recent anglers more and more attention has been paid to fly fishing and spinning. That is why in this section we will discuss these types of fishing.

When choosing fishing tackle must not forget the basic rules that depend on the ultimate goal of your fishing. There is always a fairly wide range of different conditions for fishing in a certain way. If you set a goal to learn how to fish with all available and possible ways that can only exist, growing collections of fishing gear can be almost infinite. So first of all you must at least theoretically to understand the three main issues: on what kind of fish you want to navigate, what a way to catch attracts you the most and what fishing tackle based on material considerations you can afford to buy. I will give some explanation. Fly fishing, for example, more difficult than catching spinning. But, in turn, fly gives us some interesting new opportunities and possibilities for catching quite a large range of fish species and does not imply a large amount of movement, but has, in turn, more limited opportunities for fishing in those parts of the reservoir, which are difficult to access. Fly fishing, for example, is much easier to catch with an open, clear and free of vegetation of the shores. Some quite mistakenly think that when fishing with spinning catches bigger fish than fly fishing. I assure you that this is not true. A lot depends entirely on fishing namely on what fish it targets and what is the ultimate goal of fishing.

Thus the question of choice of fishing gear to deal with each angler in his own way: You can, for example, use gear made in person, but you can factories manufacturing. Many in the main part of the set - coil, rod, fly cord and fishing line - give their preference gear; factory manufactured and improvised use of some models of artificial lures and flies. Currently homemade gear essentially virtually unable to compete with the same gear, made in factory conditions.

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