Wolf Hunting - Focused on the wolf

Wolf Hunting
Wolf hunting may not only with firearms. In addition to the use of guns by wolves can be hunted and using traps and loops. For many hunters this type of hunting is acceptable and successful, loops and traps are placed on the paths of these predators that are in their day-beds. This method is often used in conjunction with rifle hunting. Once all the predators have been shot and trapped, remove guarding devices. When setting a trap, you should not forget his mask, under the surface, so that the wolves would not notice how different trail.

If a team of hunters is large, the wolves can round up. Roundup of the predator can be carried out from the moment the young cubs reach the age of 4 - 5 months. At this age, they are not hidden and dangerous and can drive to the line of fire. Rifle line in the hunt for a litter to be ten fifteen hunters and people beaters. To the aid of the beaters can use a rope with the flags of red hue. The district places day stay wolves stretch a rope enclosing them a few miles away.

In rural areas and villages, wolves often commit slaughter; cattle can be used as bait, and watch for wolves in a herd of cattle. Here, waiting for the best team of predator hunters making an ambush in parallel around a few herds in different localities, but so that one pack of wolves came under territory. In the steppe areas, where large flat space podkaraulivanie flocks in a herd of cattle and can be improved. Predator can chase on horseback. In September or October of experienced lead wolves to hunt young. Whole pack of them creeps up to herds that graze in pastures, or on an overnight camp. Seeing wolves hunters jump in the trail riding. Predators and catch up with the whip hit the wolf to death; you can also shoot at him with a gun.

Winter wolves are like close to human habitation because; near the settlements it is easier to hunt to feed it. Predators look for any carrion, can destroy animal burial, and eat in landfills. At night can not penetrate directly in the town itself, catch dogs, sheep, cats, and if possible make their way to the back, in the barns, which are poorly consolidated, closed it and killing cattle. After eating, the wolf goes to a little rest, to sleep for a day in the nearby forest.

Hunters should take this into account, in order to find that fresh, early signs of a wolf, who had gone to the forest to sleep and try to find a place where maturation is likely predators. Such things should go around the place, so that the amount covered by the circle or square was within one or two miles square, with all this, the hunters must remember to be careful and behave quietly, so as not to scare the animals with all sorts of noises. If it is seen in the wake of the wolves is next, then you need to carefully track walking away from the wolf, the hunter approaches the beast and saw him there and then shoot. Hunting pack of winter to think about the form of a hunter may buy and find the white robe and trousers. Good luck with your hunt!

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