Places where you can find walleye and how to catch

fishing walleye

Walleye fish is found in lakes, reservoirs, lakes with clear water. Leads a busy life, always moving in Retrieving food. Creepy love for and deep holes around the shallows. If there is flow in the rivers - a good condition for a successful fishing on the fish.

Do not lose sight of the felled trees in the water, multiple stones and other places (points) that can be perfect hiding places for "bivouac" of this type of fish. When catching fish this is the place to rest assured, after some of my time there appear gaze another specimen, which borrow a promising place to hunt.

Optimum period for catching walleye - evening and morning twilight. Often need to travel to the lake for an hour or two before dawn and produce casts, not even knowing where alight on water gain. And in such an hour as this predator enough bait, who walk in the upper layers of water. In the first minutes of sunrise, and sunset is pretty quiet close to the edge of the water and look at the top. If rapacity is in a state adventurous, occasionally flicker "torpedoes" and in order to catch it, the need is just an ordinary spinner or silicone with a weightless jig head.

For hunting perch on jigs used a full range of silicone profit, that are now available. Most often you can see the hook and twisters vibrohvost length of 5-8 cm, slightly rare - silicone worms. For the total group has ranked foam jig bait fishes and water meter. Jig fishing is considered the indispensable in the flight activity of the fish stranded.

Vibrohvost - a very simple, affordable silicone tips. For fishing with vibrohvost, borrowed extended variation of light and acidic colors.

When the bait sinks to the bottom, floating bait is aplomb and mimics fish swarming in the soil. In this way we can multiply intervals undermining vibrohvost without specific reduction in the number of bites. Application sedobki need to improve the implementation of the bites, because perch ranked among the predators who would use energetic scent and taste and encouraged to use a variety of attractants.

Catching perch on twister is not allocated from vibrohvost just need to do a little less significant break in the wiring. They can also be undertaken at the same unhurried measure, because they are active and have, unlike worms, his game. Just try to keep the bait close to the bottom of the lake.

In our time, it is often used silicone crabs and worms. If applied to the measured wiring, then they will not be available for their teamwork. Their game - drawing on the mud with small explosion. As version - Dismantling equipment with tap-off occasion.

Now consider the old fishing method, which is the hunting perch on foam. Usually rob a double and strengthened maneuverable to jig head.

Densely crowded sting hooks to the body brings a high cross in uninhabited foam nozzle and make the original "nezatseplyaykoy" and spongiosum provides excellent buoyancy bait. Good luck!

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