Hunting and fishing - a hobby or activity?

hunting and fishing

Recently, in the modern world, most people have become fond of hunting and fishing. That is to say, combining business with pleasure. On the one hand, the fish catch prey and bring home, and on the other, fill your leisure time entertaining activity.

After hunting and fishing give them the opportunity to feel and understand nature. And take away that which is not in the city. Besides being a good way to save personal resources. In general, this is a good lesson, because we know in advance that the product calorie, fresh and high quality. That is why many people and like to engage in such occupation.

Before you engage in fishing or hunting, and have a good plan for it. Here for example fishing, the fish will not bite every five minutes, and the mosquitoes are not asleep. Accordingly, no insecticide spray you can not do. But this is not the main thing. The most important thing is of course the choice of fishing tackle and bait. The main convenience of use and storage. You must pick the appropriate rod, as it depends on the fishing grounds: if there is over or is there still water (lake, pond or river.) Because everywhere is found different fish - small, medium or large. If you have to catch a small or medium fry, a large rod you do not need.

Many important choice of the appropriate size hook. It depends on several factors such as: the value of the fish's mouth and her careful, kind of bait and its value. Most failures in fishing due to improper choice of hook. It is not always the big hook can catch a big fish, you can catch and small. Hook size also depends on the weight of the bait.

Some anglers use depth finders - hand-held device that finds the fish at different depths. It runs on batteries and is simple to use. There is both a summer and winter fishing.

Now the hunt is also not standing still, but it becomes progressively. Hunters use portable radios, binoculars optics and rifles. As for the protection of food and production, they use repellents from unwanted animals and rodents.

Before you go to the gun shop you need to decide on whom you hunt, where and at what time of the year. Self-loading shotguns are usually the best weapon for shooting ducks and geese during flights. Tees perfectly applied in mixed hunting (for small animals and their prey, a bird). A "utochnitsy" have long been used on the coast. For hunting in the African country you will not find anything better than shotguns fittings and magazine rifles with Mauser bolt.

For snipe and grouse gun is perfectly suitable with the cylinders in both barrels, but for whites it will not work (despite the fact that their body weight is almost equal). For shooting at a flock of water birds often use a single-and double-barreled guns of large caliber.

Some people buy foreign-made guns. But you'll have to decide, based on the amount that you are willing and can spend on it. The main thing in this case is not to hurry. Choose a gun to his liking, because you'll have to hunt. And after the hunt is to show off your booty and virtues gun.

Having considered all these factors, it is safe to say that hunting and fishing is not just a hobby, fun for humans, but a serious activity.

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